Personalised Paper Designs - Framed Papercuts, Greetings Cards and Invitations

A note from Victoria…Pen

I love working with paper and my trusty knife, attempting to create a realistic papercut of whatever it is I'm currently working on; it's like a form of mindfulness for me :-)

I particularly love cutting portraits, mandalas, finger prints and 3d geometric shapes - anything with detail - which for me is the challenge in bringing a piece to life.

I enjoy creating original ideas and "one-offs", and take pride in knowing my designs are my own, and hand cut (not laser) by me.

When not in my lil studio surrounded by my black "panther" - Patch - cutting commissions; you could find me lost in music, reading, creating something for my family, pretending I do yoga and trying my hardest to avoid housework.

My process…

I post a lot of my processes on Facebook so you can see how a piece comes to life. Here is how my Ganesha piece grew…

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

About the paper I use

  • It is a robust drawing paper with a soft feel to it thanks its high cotton content (more than 50%) also giving it amazing tooth qualities.
  • It is a double sided paper with a honeycombed grain on one side and a fine grain on the reverse making it perfect for many types of image
  • It is a pulp-dyed paper i.e. also coloured in the inside to prevent any white marks to appear when scratching the paper surface
  • Acid-free and permanent paper complying with the ISO9706 standards for limited aging of the paper and optimal longevity over time